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The whole time I was knitting up these gloves with Lion Brand’s “Amazing” in the Arcadia colorway, I kept thinking…


…where have I seen this colorscheme before?


Ah yes.  That’s where.  This is a scarf I knit in 2006, with yarn gifted to me by my mom, that she bought from a local sheepherder/spinner/dyer at a craft fair 500 miles away.

I know that the big “log” companies are catching onto popular cult yarn colorways to the point of directly copying them–look at Bernat’s mosaic in Ninja and compare it to Noro’s kureyon sock in S182, for example–but while there may very well be a cult yarn in this particular colorway, I’m unaware of it.  I’m amused though that this yarn from this random country spinner in the backwoods of nowhere has been aped, colorwise, in Lion Brand’s Amazing.  And that I was drawn like a moth to the flame by it, both times.

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