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even more food!

This desire/willingness to cook apparently strikes me, what…every two weeks or so?  With the result that yet another pureed soup ended up in yet another I-was-too-hungry-to-remember-to-take-a-picture-when-it-was-pretty shot:


Yes well, it may not look impressive but I assure you the recipe is something I will try not to lose.  Yum.

Late at night I found myself idly wondering what magic ingredients it takes to bake a cake from scratch.  Turns out, I had them!




It was listed simply as a Basic Yellow Cake recipe but I have decided to rename it Double Good Luck Double Yolked Cake, since I got a double yolk in the second of three eggs.  I was going to just leave it there to count as two, but a quick google showed that the concern is actually with the consistency of whites, which adds to the texture of the cake in an important way–whereas the yolks are just for flavor and richness.  Yes, “just for.”  I don’t know why they worded it that way…flavor and richness seem pretty important to me.  Anyway I just added the third egg and hoped the flavor and richness wouldn’t kill me.

The frosting recipe came from this body wash bottle.  No joke.  And it’s actually awesome!  The danger is that I now know how to make, from scratch, my favorite food of all time.  Frosting.

…will I ever eat solid food again?

ETA:  Oh yes, I know the frosting fails to cover the cake.  It called for three pounds of confectioner’s sugar.  I had one pound.  Probably the cake they had in mind had many, many layers, because this one-thirded batch ALMOST covers the cake.  But not quite.  Also, if its shape looks weird, note the dish in the first cake picture.  I don’t have any cake pans, so I used pie dishes.  It just looks like a flying saucer cake, that’s all.

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