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On Dog Types

Some dogs are outdoorsmen…

…and some dogs aren’t.

Our dogs are so different that if you don’t like either of them, you probably suck.

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  1. …and then some are just “good dogs” in all climes and locales. Huron River looks a little high there!

    • Yeah, at least the park is walkable at this point. The whole place was underwater two weeks ago. There’s still a boggy part at the southernmost point, but the rest of it is okay for walking. It’s a really fast river, though–I had to restrain myself from berating this jerk who’d throw a ball as far upstream as he could and then force his cattle dog to go get it…the dog’s time-distance judgment was superb, but it had to fight the current the whole way, so that by the time it got across the river to the far bank’s current, grabbed the ball, and got back to our bank, it had almost been washed completely out of the park (and sight)…I was so pissed.


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