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Summer = Flaming Pink Cake

Unsurprisingly, this cake comes from Lottie and Doof. But so most of the things I experiment with come from them! I don’t read a lot of food blogs. And most of the recipes published there tend not to insist on the absolute finest, purest ingredients, so I can afford to make them.

The cake’s good.  I had never used a spatula to apply icing before–I’ve only used knives, and it was never a problem when you’re just dealing with a rectangular cake still in its pan–but damn, is it useful on double-layer cakes.  My icing came out about the same color as that on L+D, but my batter’s decidedly browner as the recipe advised you look to the food coloring bottle for instructions on how much to use, and the amount it advised was nowhere near the several tablespoons’ worth the recipe called for. The inside is nice and pink, though, as you can see.

Smitten Kitchen also has a strawberry cake recipe, though it looks more like a pie or an overlarge tarte to me than a cake. But I think the first thing I’ll make from that site will be Vermontucky Lemonade, in light of my recent discovery that I do, in fact, like bourbon. It just has to be the tastier kind. (Though my co-worker, who is probably the most well-connected and bar-savvy ex-saxophonist I know, suggests Bookers, which I have ascertained is served at The Drake Hotel, where I will be sampling it in due time.) (Thank you Dad!!)

Incidentally, we are not the only ones enjoying the onset of summer:

Mom recently asked, “Does Wallace do that thing Lylah did, where she rolls around in the hot summer grass?”

Yes she does, Mom. Yes she does.

Dunc doesn’t roll. When it gets really hot, he’ll plonk himself under a tree and refuse to keep walking until he has had time to cool off, but he doesn’t go in for rolling around. He’s not a big fan of this super fast-growing, rain-induced grass, since between his short stubby legs and the sanitary stomach-buzz the groomer gave him, the tall grass pokes the hell out of his soft tummy and he will stand on the cement and pee into the grass rather than wade through all the pointy stems.

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  1. Rick Wright

    Good looking cake…and nice dogs! Wallace certainly reminds me of Lylah. And Duncan…a close shave, so I guess he’s excused!!

    There should be lots of new things to sample at The Drake!


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