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Haven’t Forgotten the Blog, But…

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  1. Rick Wright

    With such a look, why aren’t you inspired to be creative?

    • Creative, ha! I got up at 3AM this morning to finish a paper. It is now done. Now I must go in for 8 hours of work. Maybe after that I will blog…

    • Although I should add that we stopped into a pet store on our way home yesterday, to replenish our stock of treats (with the warm weather and increased exercise, Wallace is looking skinny, so I figured we could pick up some treats for them), and in addition to these gooey “pro-fur health” treats we got a can of wet dog food to mix in, a little bit at a time, with the dry stuff. I remembered how much she liked it when you let her have some of Lylah and Rigel’s stuff, when Wallace was too nervous to eat. Both of them went nuts this time. Wallace never, ever begs for or seeks out food, but when I came back into the kitchen she was balanced perfectly stably on her hind legs, sniffing at the plastic bag I’d left on the counter and from which I’d taken the treats and the food can. Mom sent me a packet of those plastic can lids last year, and now they are at last coming into use! Wallace and Duncan are fans.


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