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Grains of the Gods

I was going to do a lengthy cooking post about this last week, but my week got very hectic very quickly and I never got around to it.  And right now, the incoming 28-degree change of temperature is sailing in on a barometric pressure drop that has my sinuses trying to crawl out of my face.  I feel awful.  So some pictures and links to the recipes will have to suffice.

First, we have Lottie and Doof’s baked oatmeal:

The process of which can be seen below.

And finally, we have Lottie and Doof’s socca, a very tasty dish for which I had to substitute whole wheat flour for garbanzo bean flour, because we could not find it. The result was a bread quite a bit thicker than the one pictured on L&D; but it was still tasty and, dipped in hummus, made for a nice meal.

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