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bounty hunters be a-comin

Having spent the last several days shooting these things in Red Dead Redemption, it was somewhat unnerving to stumble onto no less than nine of them in the suburban neighborhood where I’m housesitting:


You only see seven because by the time I came back (originally I was just stumbling blearily along with dogs, cameraless) two had moved to the tree on the right side.  But there are nine of them.  Originally, too, they were just standing up there creepily, but when I took out my camera the guy on the chimney decided he had to look creepier:


Yes I know it’s blurry, but still.  He never looked away.  The others shuffled around a bit, but not this one.  If he is the leader he has to be recently-risen, since one of the vultures on the other side of the roof is ancient and — inasmuch as things without fur/hair can be — grizzled, with feathers gray with age sticking up every which way.  He looked like of like that muppet eagle, except slightly less patriotic and way more sadistic.  (If you are wondering why there is no blurry close-up of him, well…my camera battery died.)


I have no idea what they are all doing up there.  I had no idea vultures traveled/associated in posses, even.  It’s true that this house may be more attractive given that it’s empty.  It was for sale for quite some time, and even though the for sale sign is now down, it doesn’t appear to have been touched yet.  The driveway is still two barely-visible wheel ruts amidst thigh-high grass, and vines are still dragging half the lower floor down into a green abyss.  It’s a kind of cool old house, perched crankily on a height — much like its vultures, I suppose — but a little too mundane to be spooky in and of itself.  (This town has plenty of those, complete with gabled turrets with spidery cracked windows.)  The vultures, though, they kind of up the creep factor.  Especially that one on the chimney giving me The Eye.

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  1. On viewing these shots, all I could think of was “The Birds.” At least they’re not on a jungle-gym set in a school yard…and you’re neither Suzanne Pleshette nor Tippi Hedren! But then they’re not just crows either! TD


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